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Projects 2023/2024 

Current Projects

Lincolnshire Inspired - creative work for Looked After Children

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A new project funded by the National Lottery working with two children's homes across the county. Young people will work towards the creation of two new plays which will either be recorded or filmed and shared at a premiere event.

Young people will additionally have the chance to try their hand at a variety of different arts and crafts and a variety of go-see opportunities. Each workshop will be planned to offer therapeutic outcomes and an element of CPD for staff to enable them to recreate the work in future years.  

Empowering Voices, Empowering Worldviewsews 

This is a development of the REConnecting Lincolnshire work, (see past projects)

EV has been developed to reflect the difficulties now faced in creating work for live audiences by focusing on delivering within a digital format.

The project will provide opportunities for children and young people in Lincolnshire to expand their knowledge and have a greater understanding of a range of worldviews by exploring how their own lived experiences relate to a wider national context.


Empowering Voices, Exploring Worldviews is a partnership project with the Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education (LDBE), Shooting Fish and cultural solutions.


The work will support children and young people in Lincolnshire, where less than 3 in 100 people are BAME, to engage with diversity.


• A series of up to 10 podcasts created with associated educational activities

• Work to centre around 5 themes; Beliefs, Identity, Futures, Disagreeing Well and Respecting Difference

• Podcasts to be produced from a distinct English locality, capturing a snapshot of lived experiences pertaining to beliefs

• 5000 young people and the general public will be reached as an online, digital audience.

• A new, rich and relevant resource will be created with the potential for use nationally in a range of educational and community settings

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