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Past Projects

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Past Projects

Women's Refuge Project 

We worked with the local Women's Refuge on a creative programme which resulted in the creation a radio play. Participants worked on all elements of the play from developing the ideas, to scriptwriting, recording and editing. Working with local artists the project supported confidence and self-esteem through the use of creativity, and provided new opportunities and positive activities.


Mablethorpe audio play project 

We have worked in Mablethorpe with NEET young people to create an audio play and develop soft skills. Funded by The Mighty Creatives and Creative Community Funding, the project enabled young people to work with a writer and drama facilitator and developed new opportunities and increased long-term aspirations. The young people created The Silent Tongue, a dark gothic horror! 


Gainsborough Children's Home - audio project 

NEET young people Mablethorpe - Dream Island

REConnecting Lincolnshire

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We have been working with the Diocese of Lincoln Board of Education, cultural solutions UK and Shooting Fish, to deliver REConnecting Lincolnshire since 2016. The project was initiated after a number of schools across the region began to find the delivery of RE, especially in regard to the teaching of Islam increasingly challenging.

A programme of creative learning with theatre at its core was developed, through this work we aim for young people, parents/carers and school staff to:

  • Develop a deepened understanding of the effects of cultural, racial and religious prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. 

  • Develop a deepened understanding of a variety of cultures and faiths and how a greater understanding, influences individual and social identities, leading to increased empathy and respect for Britain’s diverse citizens.

  • Develop creative skills in visual arts, performance and digital media with the support of professional artists. 

  • Improve community collaboration through new partnerships, enabling positive community change and the development of good practice. 

Throughout the project, we have worked with 12 schools, wrote 2 new plays, delivered over 100 creative workshops and held 15 public performances.


Futures of the Past

Future of the Past is a project that worked with 13 partners across Lincolnshire with the aim of creatively engaging young people with their local heritage.

We worked in Gainsborough with the Police Museum and Old Nick Theatre to bring stories of the past alive and relevant for future generations through new writing and performance.

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